Totally Free 1040ez Federal Tax Return Online.

Who All Qualifies to File 1040EZ?

1040ez Federal Tax Return form is the normal income tax form for those, married couples, and people filing below different other filing statuses. Though, lots of United States tax payers fall into a category whose tax legal responsibility calculations are so easy that the condition warrants a smaller, more-compact, and easier to recognize alternative to the complex 1040. The 1040ez, as its name implies, is a much easy version of the 1040. However, qualify to file this form require some firm rules and strategy. The IRS's current progressive tax liability requires all citizens and some tenant and non-resident aliens to file and pay income taxes by standard tax forms. The 1040es is really a sub-form under the 1040 that allows tax payers to use a simpler, user-friendly form in lieu of the much weightier standard 1040.

To be eligible for the 1040ez, several criteria must all be met? The tax payer’s filing status must be either single or married filing jointly. Non-resident have to be married filing jointly to use 1040EZ. Tax payers must not be claiming any dependents and no claims to any adjustments to income are allowed. Only the Earned Income Credit and the revival refund Credit may be claimed. Qualifiers for the 1040EZ must be under 65 and not blind at the end of the tax year. There is one aspect to age that is important for people near 65 years of age. Suppose that the tax year in question is 2009. People born on January 1st, 1945 are considered to be 65 years old at the end of that year.

For those who qualify, the 1040EZ is a welcome option to the bulky 1040 Federal Incomes Tax form. However, qualifying for the 1040EZ can be difficult with its many restrictions and policy. For most tax payers, the best solution is to check the 1040EZ instructions and walk through the list of experience. If all are met, continue with the form. If not, check the 1040 to make sure qualifications are met there. Usually they are met because the 1040 form is the standard form for all tax payers in normal situations.