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IRS Tax form 1040 is use to file the income tax return for individual. You can be single or married who is filing a common tax return with your other half. Depending on your tax filing status, your dependents and your annual income the form could be 1040EZ or 1040A.

You can find the form your local post office, or the IRS or state tax office nearby to you, or might be downloaded from the website of IRS. Before you start filling tax form 1040 make sure that you have all the supporting forms like W2, 1099MISC, W4 etc. Document W4 is the "Employees' Withholding Allowance Certificate". By filling up this form, your employer could deduct the tax on your income from your pay monthly and pay to IRS. W2 is for wage and tax statement.

First step in preparing the text number 1040 is to fill in the details such as name, address, social security number, whether you are single or if married, whether individual or joint filing. Always make sure to enter the correct social security number or your return will be filed under someone else's social security number. Then comes the income section. All the income you earned in that particular year has to be filled in. All the forms that show your income is required here. W2, W4 etc are supporting documents for your income.

Form 1040EZ was developed and introduced by IRS department as easy version of form 1040. There are three basic from to choose while filing your tax return; Form 1040, Form 1040A and Form 1040EZ. 1040EZ edition is not only the simplest version among the three but also the through one which requires lesser information on your part. Further here we will discuss regarding the Form 1040EZ and who all qualify to file their returns through this form.