Totally Free 1040ez Federal Tax Return Online.

1040EZ information for Filing Income Tax.

Federal Tax 1040EZ form is easy and trouble-free to use. This form is normally used for salary earners that are employing and their income is reported on Form W-2 pay and Tax report. If earnings report on a 1099 Form or other type of income form, 1040EZ cannot be used. Form 1040EZ should only be used if the taxpayer is using the normal assumption.

The form is a single page that has two parts to shape income tax. The first part reports earnings and the second section reports taxes withheld credits, and the real tax. The base portion is broken up into two sections. The first part is for the tax refund amount and the other part for taxes owned. The following information is based on Form 1040EZ for the 2010 tax year.

2010 1040EZ Form payable revenue part

The income part consists of six lines. All six lines are used to decide taxable revenue. The following are the income lines on the 2010 1040EZ Form.

* Line 1 – Earnings

* Line 2 – Taxable notice

* Line 3 – Unemployment compensation

* Line 4 – Adjusted gross revenue

* Line 5 – Assumption and exclusion

* Line 6 – Taxable income

Form 2010 1040EZ Costs, Credits, and Tax

This part of the form is used to figure the real tax total and to decide whether the taxpayer gets a tax refund or owe more in duty. The payment credits and tax part of 2010 1040EZ Form consists of five lines.

* Line 7 – Taxes withdrawn

* Line 8 – Make work pay credit

* Line 9 – Earned income credit

* Line 10 – Total costs and credits

* Line 11 – Tax